BNS 002 "Wyld Horses" b​/​w "A Message from Jimmy"




Brothers and Sisters,

Today, I’d like to introduce Jimmy’s sister, Ms. Beth Wiedner. Beth is the best. She’s everything to me. For the past, let’s say seven years, we have done everything together. For the past, let’s say seven weeks, we’ve been nearly inseparable. It’s a great place to be. Jimmy’s absence has hit her hard, as Beth and Jimmy were inseparable. Beth and Jimmy came from a blended family. If the phrase “blended” doesn’t scan, it’s because I cribbed it from their father, Paul Wiedner in his eulogy for Jimmy.

Paul and Beth and Jimmy’s mother, the lovely Christy Kneese, went through a divorce a lifetime ago. I wouldn’t presume to speak for anyone, as I wasn’t there, but I’m certain it wasn’t easy. However, instead of it tearing their family apart, their family only grew. I’ve spent many years with the Wiedners and the Kneeses, and as their friends and family often attest: “My god, they’re the best divorced family ever.” And it’s not hyperbole. They’re incredible. And since Paul’s a lot classier than I am, I’m going to use his word instead of mine. Blended. Sing it!

The reason I’m bringing this up, is that today’s single features a message from Jimmy and a message from Beth. Jimmy’s message is NOT SAFE FOR WORK. He worked “blue” all the time, and he was brilliant at it. There’s a mention of the divorce in the recording, and I wanted to give it a bit of context before dropping it on you. Jimmy Wiedner was a friend of mine, and I want to let you know that he wants you to laugh.

Beth is today’s featured musician. As I mentioned earlier, she and I have done everything together. Occasionally we play music. Beth had the song “Wyld Horses” on the brain for the entire week after Jimmy left. This was the ninth take, and I think it’s gorgeous. I should know, I played really good guitar and sang on it, too. Nyuk nyuk. Anyway, she sang exquisitely and played some rattly guitar that really tied the choruses together. She also performed this one completely from the heart. It makes me weep, and the other nine versions we recorded don’t. That’s how I know it’s good.

So you’ll hear that one first, and then Jimmy will remind you to laugh.

As an aside, today’s artwork features the double unicorn graphic from the T-shirt designed by Chris Bishop entitled “Afternoon Delight”.
I’m sorry for poaching your artwork, sir, but I will have you know that Jimmy loved that shirt, even when everyone else hated it. He flew your flag high, and it seems only fitting to include it here. I will encourage anyone reading this to visit Mr. Bishop’s Threadless page and buy the horrid thing:


Faiz Razi
February 2nd, 2015


released February 2, 2015

Beth Wiedner: Vocals and Guitar
Faiz Razi: Guitar and Vocals
Mr. Jimmy Wiedner: Message

Recorded by FR and BW and JW



all rights reserved


Brothers and Sisters Chicago, Illinois

In loving memory of Mr. Jimmy Wiedner,
we are releasing a benefit single every day for 29 days in a row starting February 1st, 2015

All proceeds will go to the Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Chicago

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