BNS 006 "Theme from LFTB" b​/​w "A Call from Austron" (21​:​12)

by Live from the Barrage

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Brothers and Sisters,

It’s Friday, and we’re in fuggin’ Queens!

On the evening of Friday January 9th, we were all cooked. Beth, Paul, Patrick, Garrett and I had just gotten done packing Jimmy’s possessions into a truck. I mentioned it before, but we did it all in one awful day. Afterwards, Garrett and his lovely lady Arletti invited us out to one of Jimmy’s old haunts, which was a jaw-dropping multi-story hotel in downtown Austin. We had to dress nice, and so we did. When Beth and Patrick and I got out of the cab, I needed a quick pause and some fresh air. I sent them on ahead and I called my favourite radio show.

Live from the Barrage airs every Friday night, 8pm and broadcasts from a Barrage in Queens, NY. They’ve done a three hour live radio show pretty much for the last 115 or so fuggin’ Fridays. That’s 345 hours of laughter, and I’m pretty close to having heard it all. And they keep going. It’s archived on their site and gets me through most of my weeks, to be honest. They’re the best around. They’re also NOT SAFE FOR WORK. It’s better that way.

Today marks the glorious release of The Best of Live From the Barrage Vol. 1, lovingly curated and edited together by brother Tree Voigt with a special introduction by brother Mr. King. I’ve been talking with LFTB host, brother John Houlihan about this project quite a bit, and they delayed releasing it so that we could put it out today as part of this benefit. Salut.

The catch is that The Best of LFTB v.1 is about an hour and a half long, and bandcamp can’t host something that long, so a link to get the audio can be found on their website: There will also be a regularly scheduled show tonight, where they’ll be celebrating the release, folks will be calling in to roast Houlihan for his 40th birthday and I’ll even be calling in with a game for the LFTB guys that should be pretty fun.

So, for today’s single, LFTB has provided me with their glorious theme song (which works as a two minute, musical “Best of” in it’s own way), and the call I made to them from Austin, TX. Thank you! “Theme from LFTB” b/w “A Call from Austron” (21:12) is unedited. I talked about Jimmy quite a bit, and initially I was going to edit the audio to only reflect that, but I think the call as a whole makes more sense.

I didn’t just call to talk about Jimmy. I wanted to get a hold of my brothers in Queens and take it eas’ for a few minutes, and the help that provided me that day was immeasurable. So for the brothers that were on the line that night, John Houlihan, Patrick Walsh, Ryan Collison, Mario Asaro and Tömmy Röckstar, I offer a thousand thanks. Talk to you guys tonight.

Faiz Razi
February 6th, 2015


released February 6, 2015

All audio courtesy of Live from the Barrage.
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In loving memory of Mr. Jimmy Wiedner,
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