BNS 011 "Roomdoucher I" b​/​w "Roomdoucher II" (21​:​12)

by Walking Shadow



Brothers and Sisters,

We keep trucking along! Thanks for the support, shares, listens and donations. Week two has beat week one as far as fundraising for the Epilepsy Foundation by a long shot. Cheers! Today’s single is by a band I have the good fortune of playing with from time to time. It pleases me to introduce Walking Shadow of NYC, the brain-child of photographer, artist and musician extraordinaire, Jodi Shapiro. Walking Shadow has a revolving cast of inter-state and inter-continental weirdos who take a small cue or idea from Jodi in advance and improvise long-form pieces live, usually in several movements. Our release today is one of those live improvisations built around an eight second sound bite Jodi sent along in advance.

“Roomdoucher I” b/w “Roomdoucher II” (21:12) is from a set that one of the Chicago chapters of Walking Shadow performed at the Observatory for the PRF BBQ. It features Jodi on bass, Stephen Sowley on bass and electronics, Liz Bustamante on drums and me on guitar. It creeps and shakes and rumbles and ends in a riff that Jodi wrote that is one of the most fun things I’ve ever gotten to play. The band that day was operating on a near-telepathic level, and was pretty eye-opening, as it was my first real stab at live improvisational composition. I dig it. play it loud.

Fun bit about today’s audio: when I was working on the initial draft of last Wednesday’s single, “VOX” (21:12), I realized that 3/4ths of this lineup of Walking Shadow was actually singing, so I played it and “Roomdoucher” at the same time. Whaddya know? It all lined up. Key changes, dynamic changes, everything. Like it was meant to be there. It was pretty slick. I know I’ve been throwing a lot of these simultaneous (21:12) tracks at you this month, and I don’t really expect people at home to play along, but I will be doing some releases later on this month that will feature these tracks merged together, so you can hear it for yourself.

until tomorrow!

Faiz Razi
February 11th, 2015


released February 11, 2015

Recorded live at the Observatory by Thomas Banks, Matt Engstrom and Jim Birch

Liz Bustamante: Drums
Faiz Razi: Guitar
Jodi Shapiro: Bass
Stephen Sowley: Bass, Electronics



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