BNS 015 "United States Maple" b​/​w "#BreathMatters"

by the Hype! + Ligaya Senecal

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Brothers and Sisters,

Hope all is well. Today, as part of the benefit, we’re celebrating Canadian Flag Day. In honor of it, we’ve got a double dose of the Star-Spangled Banner. You know, for Canada.

“United States Maple” b/w “#BreathMatters” are two very different takes on the U.S.’s national anthem. Please rise if you feel to. “United States Maple” is from the interview/performance of the Hype! on WBEZ’s 848 with Tony Sarabia. It’s a fractured take on the song in the style of Chicago’s own U.S. Maple.

The b-side, “#BreathMatters” is by my talented classmate, Jennifer Ligaya, and was her intense and politically-charged final project for Jeff Abell’s Sound class. It’s a mutated collage of Hendrix, newsreels and beats that remind me of Hank Shocklee’s work with the Bomb Squad. Ligaya has been doing a few performance pieces to this version that kind of has to be seen to be felt, but the music speaks volumes on its own. Really pleased to be presenting this to you today.

I know I owe you a single from yesterday, too! I have not forgotten, but Beth and I were having a nice evening off, and I was miles away from my mixer. It’s been tracked, but it’ll have to come out in a minute, as we’ve been on the run all lovely weekend.

Cheers, folks! See you tomorrow!

Faiz Razi
February 15th, 2015


released February 15, 2015

"United States Maple" performed by the Hype!
Brian Pennington: guitar
Faiz Razi: vocals
Pete Bardouniotis: guitar
Liz Bustamante: tambourine
Jim MacGregor: bass
Dan Costello: drums

Recorded and mixed by Mary Gaffney

"#BreathMatters" recorded, edited and mixed by Jennifer Ligaya Senecal



all rights reserved


Brothers and Sisters Chicago, Illinois

In loving memory of Mr. Jimmy Wiedner,
we are releasing a benefit single every day for 29 days in a row starting February 1st, 2015

All proceeds will go to the Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Chicago

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