BNS 021 "Africa" b​/​w "Africa Stems"

by noise&light



Brothers and Sisters,

Got a few left in the singles series. This next one is an invitation to collaborate and remix from Liz Bustamante. I've played in more bands with Liz than anyone, and she's been a constant musical collaborator throughout this month. It's been fun, to say the least.

Lis Bustamante is noise&light, and she's been recording and writing and performing under that moniker for a long minute. About a year ago, when she was tracking her forthcoming record, she had a great idea for a treatment of her song "Africa".

It's a two minute instrumental that she would like to send out to you folks with all of the stems (that's recording geek for isolated instruments) attached so you may sample, mutate, edit and lengthen into a new mix should you feel inclined.

So you'll hear the song, and then all its constituent parts, which are pretty cool.

Enjoy! Go make some music.

Faiz Razi
February 21st, 2015


released February 21, 2015

noise&light is Liz Bustamante

with: Vanessa Smetkowski, Matt Engstrom and Faiz Razi
recorded and mixed by Liz Bustamante, Jim Birch and Matt Engstrom
at Caffeinated Recordings and Liz' place



all rights reserved


Brothers and Sisters Chicago, Illinois

In loving memory of Mr. Jimmy Wiedner,
we are releasing a benefit single every day for 29 days in a row starting February 1st, 2015

All proceeds will go to the Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Chicago

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